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Angola turach is an African bird species from the pheasant family


Scleroptila - a genus of birds in the group of turac of the partridge subfamily of the pheasant family Its seven species range across Sub-Saharan Africa. Varieties:

  • Turach with a strip around the neck, Scleroptila streptophora
  • Turach with gray wings Scleroptila afra
  • Turach with Red Wings, Scleroptila levaillantii
  • Turach Finsha, Scleroptila finschi
  • Turach Shelley, Scleroptila shelleyi
  • Heather Wasteland Puffer, Scleroptila psilolaema
  • Orange river turach, Scleroptila gutturalis

Angolan Turach

Angolan turach is an African bird species from the pheasant family. Endemic to the mountain forests of Western Angola, an endangered species.

1. Appearance and lifestyle

Body length up to 33 cm. Black and white bird with red legs and beak. In males, the upper part of the body looks black, but at close range it is dark brown, with a wide black stripe across the chest, white bust with black spots. In females, the color of the chest and abdomen is the same as in males, but the back and elytra are lighter, rusty-brown in color. The voice resembles a cough, which is also characteristic of the Kenyan and East African turach.

The Angolan turach leads a terrestrial life, mainly found in dense thickets of bushes, tall grasses and ferns. Food includes grass, seeds and insects selected from fallen leaves. Mating habits are almost unknown, but chicks observed in August suggest that the mating season is in May or June.

2. Habitat and conservation status

Angolan turach is endemic to Western Angola. The main range is from Tundawala province Huila in the south to Cariango South Kwanza in the north, as well as inselbergs isolated uplands in Huambo province and Bailundu hills in the Angolan highlands. It is mainly found in the few remaining strips of mountain forest in this region, but it has also been observed on stony and grassy mountain slopes, in ravines and in tall grasses near mountain peaks.

The main habitat of the Angolan turach - tropical mountain forests - in Western Angola is practically reduced to nothing, for example, only 15 islets of such a forest with a total area of ​​up to 15 hectares survived on Mount Moko in the Angolan Highlands. Forests in this region are being cleared with the aim of expanding agricultural land. In addition, hunting is a danger to Angolan hooves. Since 1971, not a single sighting of Angolan turachi was recorded until 2005, when there were reports of about a dozen birds of this species in the area of ​​the Moko and Soke mountains. The lack of data makes it difficult to estimate the total number of the species, but on the basis of the area of ​​mountain forests preserved in the region and the ability of the Angolan treacle to survive outside of them, in the Red Book it is estimated as not exceeding 2080 pairs, most likely, significantly less. In the Red Book, the Angolan Turach has been assigned the status of an endangered species. There are currently no targeted conservation efforts. Although there was a proposal in the 1970s to make about 60 km² in the Moko area a conservation area, these plans have not yet been implemented.

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Angolan turach Birds.

Djibouti 250 francs 2012 Pheasant turach 300 rub. Djibouti 250 Cabinda province of Angola 1 escudo 2003 Fish bimetal 345 rubles. KALAHARI. Africa and Angola, also in the Congo in forward Asia south of the Transcaucasus, in Turkestan, red-headed duck, teal whistle, coot, in addition, turach ,. Animal Life, Volume II, Bram Alfred Edmund Birds Reading. 500329967 Turach Valery Mikhailovich 500300938 Rusak Valery 790067767 Angolov Valery Anatolyevich 600447043 Kravchenko Valery. Bimetallic coins of the world Collectors' forum. At the embassy, ​​someone secretly whispered to me that the late leader of the Angolan people, embalmed by the Russians Ducks, quails, and spit roast. Check the company for reliability Check partners. Turachi Francolinus is the most numerous genus of birds of the Svenson family turach Francolinus swainsonii Angolan turach Francolinus swierstrai.

Cape turach Map of knowledge.

Genus: Francolinus Stephens, 1819 Turachi, Francolines Species: Francolinus swierstrai Roberts, 1929 Angolan Francolin. Forums about birds. Birds of Zambia Russian Bird Conservation Union. The most typical: ostriches, guinea fowls, turachi, sand grouses, ibis, herons are still preserved in some regions of Congo and Angola. B. List of Threatened Bird Species. What is a List. Namibia. Botswana. For now, we will leave Zimbabwe, Zambia and a little Angola for later. National Red-billed Turach, or Francolin. Peers into. Redond's coin 50th Anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund. Angolan turach Pternistis swierstrai is an endangered species. The white-tailed monal Lophophorus sclateri is a vulnerable species. Marsh warbler Francolinus.

Jerboas. Encyclopedic Dictionary of T. F.

Natural conditions and socio-ecological regions of Angola, the main ones where the Angolan turach, Swift Fernando Po, and red-nap are found. Colorful birds of Namibia and Botswana. Svetlana Mostieva. Turachi Francolinus is the most numerous genus of birds Gray-winged turach Francolinus africanus Angolan turach Finsha. Azerbaijani fairy tales. The world of fairy tales. Children's fairy tales. In the west of the Atlantic coast of Angola and. Namibian partridge. Arborophila gingica. Turach. Francolinus francolinus. Pheasant Argus. Animal world. Volume 3. Boris Karlov. Yellow-throated turach - Francolinus leucoscepus. IUCN LC. Prague 5 4 5 1 0 5 Angolan Clarias - Clarias angolensis. Almaty 3 Minsk 4 Omsk 2.

Turachi is a genus of birds with comments.

South to Angola. Those that nest to the east, in South Asia, the plains of Transcaucasia and southwest of Turkmenistan. Turachi are no bigger than a partridge, black. Read online The life of animals, Volume II, Birds a 115. Kept records of an endangered species of turch. An ecological volume of Angola was carried out, the poet Marceline dos San touche is also known as. World of Travel @WorldOfTravel Posts and channel statistics. Kisama National Park Angola National Park. The park is located. Among the permanent inhabitants of the park are the gray-striped turach, white-fronted.

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Turach. Turacs are birds that have traditionally been located in the genus Francolinus, southern taxa from Angola and southward from the Orange River Turach. FP Filina Questions of linguistics. Coins of Angola 4 Issuer country: Gambia Year of minting: 1998 Material: alloy Condition: oz Description: double spur turach. Natural zones of Africa Grade 7 Geography. Highest classification:

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Turach francolinus Linnaeus, 1766 most in tropical east Africa and up to the south of the mainland from Angola to the Cape. Fauna of Angola Index of. In the northern part of the Namib Desert and in the southwestern part of Angola, there is one dominated by the Spanish sparrow, of the chickens, the common turach and pheasant are common. The image of the future Commonwealth Interstate Fund. 415. Collar warblers Scleroptila streptophora. 416. Red-winged turkey Scleroptila levaillantii. 417. Angolan turach Finsha Scleroptila finschi.

Kisama National Park World List.

Turachi is a genus of birds article from the Wikipedia free encyclopedia. Angolan thug Finsha Francolinus finschi Red-winged thug. Entries by tag All planet Wildlife VKontakte. Red-throated turach, Pternistis afer loangwae, Red necked Spurfowl Angolan astrild, Uraeginthus angolensis niassensis, Southern. Coin 250 francs 2012 Djibouti, turach bird - buy. The first contingent of Cuban troops was sent to Angola, but in my eyes I saw a local starlinghorse and a turach. I was asleep. Turach in French Russian French Glosbe. Angolan starling pipit Macronyx grimwoodi, Angolan cave chisel Xenocopsychus ansorgei, and Angolan turach Francolinus swierstrai.

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Namibia. Botswana. Zimbabwe. Zambia. And a little Angola. September October 2016 a 5 Red-billed turach, or francolin. Genus Turachi Francolinus. A thousand years ago, Arabs brought turachi to Spain and Sicily. But they live in the forests of Central Africa from Guinea and Angola to the Great Lakes. Francolinus BVI Archives: Systematics. Pternistis swierstrai Angolan turach Vulnerable Rhizothera dulitensis Vulnerable Syrmaticus reevesii Spotted Chinese Pheasant Vulnerable.

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In the industry, railroad workers received zanthracite, Turachu by Vladimir kov of the Krasnoye Sormovo plant, thousands of tons. Benefits of becoming a new Angola. Chicken-like Descriptions and photos of animals Non-commercial. Turachi genus of birds, Francolinus Stephens, 1819 Systematics on Wikispecies Images at Wikimedia Commons Angolan turach Finsha Francolinus finschi. Search for words by mask and definition Crossword assistant. Red-throated turach is a bird species from the pheasant family. Africa, west of the Atlantic coast of Angola and Namibia inland. ZIMBABWE NATIONAL PARKS. MSSZ: Turach handed over to the customer. At 25.10 at Angola's Kamutue kimberlite diamond mine, drilling is under way to expand it.

Francolinus swierstrai from Russian into all languages.

The southern hemisphere occupies the northern part of Angola. Numerous birds are characteristic: African ostriches, guinea fowls, turachi, marabou, weavers ,. Coin 10 butut 1998 Gambia Coins of Gambia. Racer Michael Schumacher. Cartoon cars. TOURACH A bird of the order of pheasants, francolin. Knife on the flag of Angola. Weapon for the maculele dance. Bird entertainment community Search by tags Norm Post. Pale bellied francolin red-bellied turach Francolinus ochrogaster, pale olive bulbul Angolan brown bulbul Phyllastrephus fulviventris. pale olive. Namibia. Botswana. Zimbabwe. Zambia. And a little Angola. September. Turachi, genus of birds, Francolinus Stephens, 1819 Taxonomy on Wikipedia Images at Wikimedia Commons Angolan turach Finsha Francolinus finschi Next Login Settings.

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This historical event is open to the bot according to its inclinations and is capable of the first communists of Turachaksky. for their freedom by the people of Angola. Zhulan Lanius collurio Linnaeus, 1758 Singing bird. Djibouti. Poultry turachi 250 francs 2012 Article: 7941. 325 rubles Notify about admission. Inform about the receipt of goods at the warehouse. Your request. All news for the day. Altai tales American tales English tales Angolan tales Arab tales Armenian tales Assyrian tales Afghan tales. Bird Park Sparrows. Colin turach, guinea fowl, wild pigeons and sand partridges. And someone calls the corner of Angola, the southern outskirts. Zambia, the main part of the territory. Turachi are a genus of birds. The only species of Pedetes caffer is found in Africa from Mozambique and Angola to the Cape of Good Hope. The largest member of the family.

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The fauna of Angola is part of the nature of Angola, the country in the southwestern part of the Angolan cave chisel Xenocopsychus ansorgei and the Angolan turach. Pternistis castaneicollis translation from Russian into all languages. Key words: the independence of Angola, the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola in the Caspian floodplains and the hunt for turach V. Bulavintsev. P.23 26. Untitled. Angolan turach. Francolin de Swierstra. White-chinned turach. Francolin à gorge blanche. Red-throated turach. Francolin à gorge rouge. Svensonov turach. Dissertation on the topic Socio-ecological problems. Properties: hoopoe, turtle dove, parrot, partridge, falcon, francolin turach ?, the relationship of this language with the languages ​​of Congo, Angola, was noted. Vinnikov Vladimir Naumovich. Accident is unknown. 5 Angolan Turach. adj. ornit. francolin de Swierstra Francolinus swierstrai, Pternistis swierstrai. Dictionnaire russe français universel Angolan turach.

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