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Compressor oils Total Dacnis


Compressor oils

Compressor oil is a technical fluid used to lubricate and protect compressors. Various products are offered for screw, piston, rotary, air designs.

And according to their composition, they are divided into mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. Also, lubricants used in the food industry represent a separate category. They must be as safe as possible, as they can get into the product that the compressor is pumping. The Total Dacnis line includes several hydrocracked and synthetic lubricants.

  1. Product Description
  2. Total Dacnis SH 46
  3. Total Dacnis LD 46
  4. Specifications
  5. Application area
  6. Approvals, approvals and specifications
  7. Advantages and disadvantages
  8. Forms of issue and articles
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  10. Testimonials

Product Description

The line of oils for compressors under this name includes two categories of lubricants - mineral hydrocracking LD 32, 46 and 68. And synthetic SH 32, 46, 68 and 100. The numbers in the names mean the viscosity of the oil at a temperature of 40 ° C. The more it is, the higher this viscosity, as well as the flash point.

Total 46 has the most optimal viscosity-temperature characteristics, making the product suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Total Dacnis SH 46

Total Dacnis sh 46 is a synthetic polyalphaolefin based rotary air compressor lubricant designed for extreme operating conditions - with outlet temperatures in excess of 90 degrees or pressures in excess of 10 bar.

It has a long replacement interval (from 4 to 8 thousand hours, depending on conditions), is resistant to oxidation, carbon formation. Prevents clogging of the oil filter.

Total Dacnis LD 46

Total Dacnis ld 46 is a mineral hydrocracked lubricant for screw air compressors. Due to its high thermal and oxidative stability, it has a long drain interval - up to six months (or 4000 hours) under normal operating conditions. Perfectly separates air and condensate, prevents the formation of emulsion.

Significantly reduces the operating costs of compressor maintenance due to its long drain intervals and excellent anti-wear properties.


Nameunit of measurementTest methods
Viscosity at 40 ° C324668100150mm2 / sASTM D445
Viscosity index100100100100100ASTM D2270
Flash point244238248276284° CASTM D92
Pour point-27-27-21-66° CASTM D97
Density at 15 ° С875880885889892kg / m3

Application area

The area of ​​application for Total Dacnis 46 oils will be different. LD is intended for screw air compressors, for lubrication at temperatures not exceeding 100 degrees Celsius. SH - for rotary air compressors, for lubrication and cooling of the worm gear at an operating outlet temperature exceeding 90 degrees Celsius.

Approvals, approvals and specifications

  • ISO 6743-3 classified by DAG and DAB for heavy duty use.
  • DIN 51 506 VD-L for the use of DACNIS 100 and 150 in reciprocating compressors.
  • Depending on the viscosity grade of the series oils, DACNIS meet the requirements of BAUER, CIRRUS, COMPAIR, DRESSER RAND, NEUENHAUSER, SAUER & SOHN, SULZER BURCKHARDT, TANABE ...

Advantages and disadvantages

These two products have common benefits:

  • long drain intervals due to increased thermal and oxidative stability,
  • reducing the risk of deposits formation,
  • preventing filter clogging, increasing their performance,
  • excellent separation of air and moisture condensation,
  • protection of the mechanism from wear and corrosion,
  • reduction of operating costs for servicing compressor equipment,
  • optimization of compressor performance.

Both the one and the other compressor oil Total significantly improves the performance of the equipment, protects it, and, if used correctly, will not cause any problems in operation.

Forms of issue and articles

Namevendor codeRelease formVolume
TOTAL DACNIS 32162118bucket20 liters
barrel208 Liters
TOTAL DACNIS 46162120bucket20 liters
barrel208 Liters
TOTAL DACNIS 68bucket20 liters
162121barrel208 Liters
cube1000 liters
TOTAL DACNIS 100bucket20 liters
barrel208 Liters
TOTAL DACNIS 150bucket20 liters
183136barrel208 Liters


Fedor, 28 years old

At the last work, they poured into the Total ld 46 compressors. The equipment worked perfectly, without failures. The filters are not clogged, there is no corrosion or deposits inside.

Pavel, 44 years old

Synthetic oil Total Daknis is of very high quality, the equipment works excellently on it, both at high and low temperatures. Excellent wear prevention.

Roman, 39 years old

I had a chance to work with both. Quality oils. Reliable manufacturer