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Basic information

Family: parrots

The size: 23-51 cm

Spread: South America, from central to southern tip

Color options: extremely rare

Compatibility: for breeding pairs it is better to keep separately

Features: funny and loyal companions, but sometimes unnecessarily noisy

Feeding: granulated feed or grain mixture based on canary seeds, millet and oatmeal, greens, fruits and carrots

Typical diseases: prone to self-plucking, long-tailed emerald parrots are often affected by roundworms

Breeding: nest house in a shelter, provide easy access to the inside

Nest: nesting house square at the base with a side of 25 cm and a height of 46 cm for Pyrrhura species, with a side of 38 cm for a rocky parrot

Typical masonry size: 4-6 eggs

Duration of incubation: 24-26 days

Feeding during parental care: soaked seeds and soft food

Exit the nest: at 7-8 weeks

Life Expectancy: 25 and more years

Brown-eared red-tailed parrot (Pyrrhura frontalis). This species has a rich grassy green plumage on the head and wings and brown ear coverts. On the chest there are feathers with yellowish edges characteristic of the genus. The abdomen and the undersurface of the tail feathers are maroon. These gullible birds are easily tamed in open-air cages, but do not like to communicate with their relatives too much.

Rocky parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus). These birds are dominated by a dark olive brown color. The thorax is grayish brown, the tibiae are golden yellow, the middle of the abdomen is red. In adult birds, beaks are black, and at a young age they are partially white.

Long-tailed emerald parrot (Enicognathus leptorhynchus). The plumage is predominantly green, one red spot surrounds the wax, and the other is in the middle of the abdomen. Young birds have shorter beaks than adults, and areas of bare skin around the eyes are initially whitish rather than gray in color.