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Small crested crax (Mitu tomentosa) distributed in the forests of the southern Amazon from Colombia, eastern Peru and Bolivia to eastern Brazil in tropical forests. This is a rare bird.

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Do men shave their groin

In order to answer the question of whether men shave their groins, let's take a short excursion into history.

Pubic hair removal in men is rooted in the origins of our society. The procedure was performed in a variety of ways, including using the first razors made from silicon and shells, and later from metals.

For example, in ancient Egypt, it was customary for people from the highest circles to remove hair from the whole body, including from intimate places. For this, the Egyptians used razors made of bronze and precious metals, and also carried out depilation with wax, resin and other means, or simply pulled out hair in unwanted places.

Also in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, having body hair was considered the prerogative of the lower classes, the nobility preferred to get rid of vegetation with razors made of copper or bronze, or with the help of special tweezers, and hair in the intimate area was considered carriers of diseases, so they even preferred to remove them. with the help of a servant, so as not to touch his own hands

In ancient India, it was also customary for the upper strata of society to carefully monitor hygiene and remove hair on the body and face.

In Islam, for both men and women, intimate hair removal is a must to maintain hygiene and health.

As you can see, from time immemorial, shaving the pubis for men has been a completely natural thing, so we think you will no longer have any questions about whether it is normal for a man to shave his groin. Normal and more than, the men of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and other ancient civilizations will attest.

How many men shave their groin

On the website of the magazine Mean's Heals, a survey was conducted in conjunction with the website on the topic of hair removal from the body in men and attitudes towards this in men and women. The survey results were very interesting.

68% of men get rid of the vegetation on their bodies in one way or another.In fact, 7 out of 10 men regularly trim or shave their intimate hair cleanly. I think now you shouldn't be afraid of disapproval from men.

Should a man shave his groin - women's opinion:

And the opinion of women on this issue is even more radical: 66% believe that a man should shave his pubis clean, 25% are convinced that he should at least regularly shorten it. So, 91% percent of women, count 9 out of 10 potential partners, will only be happy if you have a shaved one there. And perhaps only one in ten will disapprove. Well, is it worth listening to her, you have 9 more who like you without hair.

Why do men shave their intimate area

With the question of whether men shave their intimate area, we seem to have sorted it out. But at the same time, people care about why men should shave their pubis, this question is often asked on the Internet. Let's deal with this as well. The reasons for this are the most natural:

1. Hygiene - we all sweat, including in intimate places. Hair in the groin absorbs sweat and odors, which is not very good from a hygiene point of view. Of course, no one canceled the daily shower, but if you want to better maintain personal hygiene, you can start removing excess hair.

2. Personal convenience - someone just gets in the way of the abundance of pubic hair and it is more convenient for him either completely without them, or with hair of a minimum length.

3. Convenience of a partner - as we have already learned, most girls only welcome if a man takes care of himself and shaves in the right places. Think for yourself, will a girl be pleased to stumble upon an impassable jungle, untouched by a razor, in which Tarzan is hiding somewhere deep in the thickets? We think, as your attitude to female unshavens is definitely negative, so the opinions of girls towards men on this issue are quite similar.

4. Size - the fourth reason quite fully answers the question of why men shave their groins. As one proverb says: the shorter the bush, the larger the tree appears. And this is really so, the abundant vegetation in the groin visually steals extra centimeters of your dignity, and there cannot be extra centimeters here. Therefore, mercilessly fight with hair in intimate places, you cannot lose this fight!

Can men shave in the groin

We examined the attitude of society to shaving intimate places in men already in sufficient detail and did not seem to find a single argument against it, on the contrary, we even found out that most men in one way or another watch their hair there, and most women only support it. Therefore, the answer to the question "Is it possible for men to shave their hair in the intimate area" will be unambiguous - it is possible. But whether a man needs to shave his groin and whether it is obligatory to do so is of course not necessary and only for you to decide, in this you should rely only on personal preferences.

At the same time, it is still worth raising the issue of safety: is it not harmful for men to shave their intimate area? The answer is no, if you follow the basic rules.

First, practice good hygiene:

- Ideally, always use a separate clean razor to shave your groin. If you have one machine for the face, for the armpits and for intimate places, then at least before and after each shave, rinse the machine with any antiseptic

- Never shave in unsanitary conditions. We hope that you are unlikely to come up with the idea of ​​shaving your groin while hiking in the woods by the stream, but you never know. If this happens, then remember our advice — put off shaving for a more favorable environment until you return home, where there is a shower, hot running water and all the necessary shaving products.

Secondly, be careful, take your time:

- You can accidentally injure yourself when shaving your genitals. In these places, the skin is quite delicate, and the slightest wrong movement can lead to a cut. If this happens, do not worry, wash the wound with warm water and soap, then treat with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

How often should you shave your intimate area?

The answer to this question is very simple - shave your groin as needed. But it is still not recommended to do this every day.As we said, the skin on the genitals is very sensitive, and too frequent shaving can negatively affect the epidermis. After you go over the skin with the blades, it takes some time to heal, otherwise irritation may develop, flowing into inflammation.

Should I shave my teen's groin?

On the Internet, you can often find the question "Can I shave my groin for 14 years?" (as well as 15, 16, 17, about 18 they no longer ask, apparently by this age either they can decide for themselves, or they ask questions without reference to age). Here, again, everything remains at the discretion of the young man: if there is a desire, let him shave, if there is no desire, no need. The main thing is to remember our safety advice. How to properly shave a guy's groin will be discussed below.

How to shave your intimate area

Here are some simple rules to help men shave their groins properly, even if this is the first time:

Shave your groin in the bathroom

Shaving your groin is best done in the shower. The hot water will steam and soften the skin, preventing hair from tangling and snagging on the razor blade, preventing loose hair from pulling out while shaving. Also, the hair in the groin is coarser and curly, dampening it with water will soften it and make shaving easier.


- We think you are already reasonable enough, but just in case, let's say out loud: don't even think about shaving your groin with a straight razor! And forget about the T-bar, too, and they can easily cut yourself.

Use a regular modern safe shaving machine.

Take a look at our section with classic safety razors, we can just recommend you the Bolin Webb R1 machine for the Gillette Mach 3 Gillette shaving heads. at hand. If your pubic hair is longer than 0.5 cm, you must first trim it with a trimmer before shaving.


Also treat the trimmer attachment with an antiseptic before use. Do not use a trimmer to shave your intimate hairs cleanly, as you may injure your skin. Go through your hair as short as possible, finish the rest with a razor. Also, do not try to shave the hair on the scrotum with a trimmer - the skin on it is very thin and in folds that the trimmer blades can easily touch. Leave all the work to the razor.

Can I shave my groin with an electric razor?

As we already said, the skin in the groin area is especially tender, so we definitely do not advise you to shave your scrotum with an electric razor. Whether to shave the pubis with an electric razor - decide for yourself, but at least the hair there should be shortened as much as possible. In addition, you need to take into account that the blades of an electric shaver are designed specifically for the face and for the structure of the hair growing on the face. If you weigh all the pros and cons, the razor is still more optimal for shaving your groin.

What shaving products to use

Shaving soap or gel

Do not use regular soap to shave your intimate area. Hand soap tightens delicate skin and does not provide sufficient glide for the machine. Use a shaving gel or cream, they will moisturize your skin better, by the way, in our section "Shaving products" there is a good selection of creams. Just make sure that your product does not contain alcohol or menthol, otherwise you will feel a burning sensation at the end of the procedure.

Is it possible not to use funds

Can I shave my groin without foam? We definitely do not advise you to do this. Without shaving products, the blade of the machine, due to insufficient sliding, can injure the skin, which at least lead to severe irritation or cuts. Shaving without foam will also pull the hair out of the skin along with the bulb, which can form ingrown hairs. Shaving without foam will definitely lead to irritation, ingrown cuts.

Shaving technique

How to properly shave a man's intimate area with a razor, step by step instructions

1. Go through your pubic hair with a trimmer and shorten it as much as possible. Do not touch the scrotum with the trimmer.

2. Take a shower, the water will steam out the skin and soften the hair

3.Apply shaving gel to the area you intend to walk over with the shaving machine. Add new portions as needed

4. On the pubis, shave off the hair in a gentle motion. This will allow you to shave your groin without irritation. By using the machine against the growth of the hair, you are pulling it in an unfamiliar direction, which can cause ingrown hairs and irritation to the skin.

5. Rinse the machine frequently to remove any cut hairs from the blades.

6. Be extremely careful with the skin at the base of the penis and on the scrotum. Due to the fact that the skin there is very thin and forms folds, there is a high risk of cutting. Stretch the skin in one place, gently run with a razor, then pull the skin in a new area and work over it.

7. If you accidentally cut yourself, wash the cut with soap and water, then treat the wound with an antiseptic. Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is fine.

8. Be sure to use after shave products. It moisturizes the skin and relieves irritation.

9. Repeat the next shave as needed, but preferably not earlier than after a couple of days. If you get irritated, use lotion or moisturizer again. If irritation persists for more than 3 days, consult a dermatologist. This, by the way, is a universal tip for any shave.

Shaving intimate places for men is a rather spicy topic and, as it turned out, is very relevant for many. In public, disputes very often flare up whether a man should do this at all. At the same time, in a more anonymous environment - in search engines, users often ask how to do it correctly.

We hope we helped you figure out how many men actually shave their hair in the intimate area and how women feel about this, whether it is worth shaving their groin, and most importantly, how to do it correctly. Now you can draw your own conclusions and not be guided only by rumors and false opinions.